Team Lynx

The experience and stability of our team is our key asset at Lynx

Chris Morgan, Managing Director (London)
Chris has developed many of Lynx's geophysical and database software suites, and is a graduate of Imperial College London (MSc Exploration Geophysics). He has worked in the petroleum industry for over 20 years.

Gareth Williams, Director, Senior Vice-President, GIS and Business Development (Houston)
Gareth is in charge of marketing and GIS project development for the Americas. He has been involved in developing and building GIS projects in the oil industry for over 10 years. Gareth is a graduate of Royal Holloway College, University of London (BSc Environmental Geochemistry).

Neil Anderton, Data Manager (London)
Neil manages Lynx's well operations, and has been a key proponent for UKOGL since its inception, overseeing the administration of the Library. He has over 25 years industry experience and is a graduate of London University.

Paul Spencer, Senior Production & Seismic Data Manager (London)
Paul is our Production and Seismic Data Manager, based in the London office. He leads and project manages all seismic services in the EAME region, specialising in the synthesis of multi survey E&P data into digital data packages. He has 15 years industry experience, and has a BSc Applied Geology from the University of Plymouth.

Mark Alldred, Senior Geoscientist (London)
Mark has has a wide experience of seismic data formats, tape transcription, verification and geophysical data management and is responsible for the quality of the data archived in UKOGL. He has 20 years of industry experience, and is a graduate of Keele University (MSc Computing for Earth Scientists).

Bernadette Dickson, Accounts (London)
Bernadette manages Lynx's accounts in London

Nery Ruiz, Office Manager/Bookkeeper (Houston)
Nery runs the office and manages Lynx's accounts in Houston. Originally from Miami Florida, she has 10 years' experience in accounting practices.

Dr Charles Hewlett, Director, Geophysical Consultant
Charles is a co-founder of Lynx, developed Lynx's seismic vectorizing software in the 1980s, and continues to work on innovative geophysical and geospatial software solutions for the industry. Charles is a graduate of Oxford University in physics (MA) and Imperial College, London (PhD) in geophysics.

Dr Peter Wigley, Consultant Geologist
Peter is a co-founder of Lynx, he has been a consulting geologist since 1972 and has worked in the North Sea, the Mediterranean, Africa, Middle East, China and Malaysia. Peter holds a BSc in Geology and a PhD in Carbonate Sedimentology, both from University College London. He was one of the first geologists to promote the use of GIS in the oil and gas exploration industry. He is also interested in historical geology and has published material on William Smith's (1815) geology map of England and Wales. Peter is currently the Project Director of the AAPG-Datapages DEO-GIS project and also Editor of the Exploration Fabric of Africa Project.