Lynx Software - Licence Pricing

Software activation licences for the products listed below can be purchased directly from Lynx Information Systems. An activation licence enables you to run the selected software for one year from the date of purchase. At the end of this year, the licence will expire and you will need to purchase a new licence.

The prices listed below are for single PC licences. We also offer site licences for easy network deployment within a Windows domain - please ask for details.

Prices are charged in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP), or US Dollars (USD)
Prices as stated are exclusive of VAT (UK sales tax) for UK and EU purchases.

Viewers for Microsoft Windows
Lynx Seisview seismic viewer, including 3D inline/xline viewer, 1 year £250$400
Lynx Logview wireline log viewer, 1 year £250$400
Extensions for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop
Lynx Clickrelate attribute and related table viewer for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, 1 year £250$400
Lynx Rasterlink georeferenced image hotlink extension for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop,
1 year

Lynx Seismap extension for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, 1 year
Seismap viewer
includes seismic 2D and 3D viewers, wireline log viewer
and cross-section viewer

Seismap editor
includes Seismap viewer plus SEG-P1/UKOOA import,
seismic 3D import and survey polygon generation,
Z-Map import/export and horizon/fault import/export


Please email with your request, including your full address (and VAT number for EU companies) for invoicing.

If you wish to move a licence you have purchased from one PC to another, or if you would like more information on other licensing options available (including site licences and bulk discounts), please contact us directly.

Prices for LEASSV, LEAMAP, LEACAT, EZLOG, iSeisview and iLogview licences are available on request.

Your  Lynx System ID  is required when requesting an activation licence - this 8-digit value is displayed by the licensing dialog and in the About Box of your Lynx application (click the Help-About menu, and then click the licensing tab).
Please ensure that the System ID is correct, as the licence activation file will only enable the software if the system id used to generate the licence matches the system ID displayed by your PC.