Lynx Software - EZLOG Wireline Digitising

EZLOG Well Log QC, Manipulation and Digitising

The EZLOG system provides a fast and efficient method of accurately converting paper log data to digital API format which can then be used for further processing. The Windows-based software supports mass storage devices for archiving and offers outputs to paper, film or machine readable media with formats such as LIS, ASCII, LOGM and TERRALOG. It incorporates full auto-tracking of single or multiple log curves in monochrome, 8-bit colour or true colour.

EZLOG screenshot

EZLOG also acts as a well log data manipulation tool with the following features:


  1. Display of raster well log image
  2. Display of vector well log data
  3. Display of well log grid
  4. Simultaneous overlay of the above three (virtual light-table)


  1. Manual curve sketching
  2. Point-to-point curve sketching

Curve Transform

  1. Erase curve
  2. Set constant value
  3. Value shift
  4. Pixel shift
  5. Copy curve
  6. Exchange curve
  7. Change backup
  8. Scale adjust
  9. Depth shift, stretch, squeeze


Auto-tracking requires optional additional modules

  1. Single curve auto-tracking
  2. Multiple curve auto-tracking

Auto-tracking features can use black and white, greyscale, 8-colour, 256-colour or true colour raster information (with appropriate optional licences installed).

Header Editing

  1. Editing of the values of log header fields
  2. Editing of the log header labels and mnemonics
  3. Deletion and insertion of header records
  4. Verification of the structure and content of the log header against standards defined in a database
  5. Automatic correction and updating of the well log header to conform with standards defined in a database


EZLOG can be linked to any database accessible via Microsoft Data Access (MDAC) technology, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle etc, available either locally or networked. EZLOG is designed to use information in the database intelligently - providing colour feedback on matching fields for verification as well as lists of permitted data values. Database tables used by EZLOG are user-configurable and expandable and can include the following information:

  • Curve names (mnemonics) dimensions and types
  • Meader mnemonics, units and value fields
  • Header structure
  • Header mandatory or recommended record types

Printing and Plotting

  1. WYSIWYG printing to any Windows printer (black and white or colour)
  2. Vector-on-raster overlay printing
  3. Synthesised check-plot
  4. Output to Versatec plot file (with optional MS-DOS helper program)

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