Registered Users - Downloads and Updates

You can download the latest versions of software for which you already have a valid licence.

The downloaded software will run on Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP, unless the program requirements specify otherwise.

Enter your name, company and a valid email address below. Lynx may contact you to ask you about your experiences with our software, or to offer you other products we think you may be interested in, but we promise we will not pass your email address onto any third parties. After entering your details, click the required download. You will then be prompted to enter the username and password supplied to you by Lynx. After these have been verified, the selected file will be downloaded to your PC.

To install the software after downloading it, just double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions in the setup wizard. For installation of LEASSV, LEAMAP, and LEACAT, please ensure you run the setups in the correct order after downloading.

Please enter your details and click a link to begin your download


Lynx Launcher setup - approx 2MB - required for LEASSV, LEAMAP and LEACAT installations - release notes


Seismic Vectorising setup - approx 2.5MB
details - release notes - requires LEASetup.exe


Seismic Vectorising SSV evaluation version
setup - approx 2.5MB
details - release notes - requires LEASetup.exe


SSV Sample Dataset with tutorial and movie
approx 100MB


Seismic Vectorising SSV version 25 beta
setup - approx 600KB
release notes - requires LEASetup.exe


Traceprep Seismic Processing setup - approx 4.5MB
release notes


LEAMAP Seismic Location Digitising setup
approx 4MB - details - release notes - requires LEASetup.exe


LEACAT Cataloguing setup - approx 4.5MB
details - release notes - requires LEASetup.exe


Table Utilities for LEACAT - approx 2MB
general purpose table viewer and editor for Oracle databases - release notes

For an LEASSV update, download these setups

  • LEASetup
  • SSVSuite
  • TPSuite
  • SSV Sample Dataset
  • SeisviewSetup (available on the trial downloads page)

For an LEASSV evaluation, download these setups (note an activation licence is also required)

  • LEASetup
  • SSVSuite_evaluation
  • TPSuite
  • SSV Sample Dataset
  • SeisviewSetup (available on the trial downloads page)

For an LEAMAP update, download these setups

For LEACAT download these setups

  • LEASetup
  • TblUtils

Setups for the latest versions of other program packages can be downloaded from the trial downloads page if you have an existing activation licence.

If you already have an activation licence, you can download updated programs and install them over older versions. Your current activation licence will remain valid.

Questions? please email