Lynx Seisview - Seismic Viewer

Lynx Seisview is a seismic data viewer which will display 2D and 3D post-stack seismic profiles.
Seisview will display seismic data in SEG-Y and SEG-Y (Revision 1) formats, as well as the Lynx TR-file format.

Seisview runs on Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP - download it here.

Seisview is free for non-commercial use, or can be licensed for commercial use within your organisation - see pricing information here.

Seisview is a standalone utility for viewing seismic data files. Please see here for Lynx Seismap - a seismic viewer plugin for ESRI ArcMap.

Seisview colour screenshot

Seismic data can be viewed in a number of different display styles in Seisview including variable density (greyscale), variable area with wiggle trace, wiggle trace only, or colour. Seisview provides easy fine-tuning of the display by adjusting the sample amplitude and horizontal and vertical scales with a few mouse-clicks.

Seisview also provides a comprehensive set of zooming and panning options, an overview window, EBCDIC C-Card text header display and plotting to Windows printers.

Seisview greyscale screenshot

For SEG-Y data files containing a 3D volume, you can also view 3D seismic files by inline or crossline.

Inline and crossline numbers are stored in the trace headers, and Seisview will build an index of these to allow individual inlines or crosslines to be displayed, with all the same options for display and printing that are available for 2D data.

Seisview 3D inline screenshot

Download a trial version of Seisview and some sample seismic data files here.